Taxes & Advisory

At Hanlin Moss Yi, PS you will have access to expert knowledge and vast experience in tax matters. We provide services to a diverse client base of individuals and privately held small to mid-size businesses, in a variety of areas, including:

• Federal and Statement income tax
• Sales and use taxes
• Specialty airline industry compliance reporting
• Estate and gift taxes
• Expatriate taxes

• Representation in front of tax authorities

• Tax planning

We have extensive experience in representing the clients before the IRS and various State tax authorities.

Our professionals offer personalized attention and comprehensive solutions to each of our clients’ issues. As a trusted tax advisor, we can help you make strategic decisions to minimize your tax liabilities, evaluate tax consequences of certain transactions, and address tax issues that may affect you and your business.


For U.S. citizens or residents living abroad, we provide consultation on expatriate taxation. Our bilingual professional staff can work with your advisers to minimize taxation by the country you reside in, as well as with the IRS. Having an established presence in China, our office in Xi’an can assist with Chinese tax compliance consulting.




Business Valuation

Hanlin Moss Yi, PS team of International Certified Valuation Specialist, with in-depth specialized knowledge and decades of professional experience, helps business owners and investors meet their valuation needs.


We provide valuation services to assist in the following areas:


Financing/Venture Capital Funding

For the purposes of obtaining business loans or private equity financing, we develop a determination of value of a company’s recorded and unrecorded, tangible and intangible assets and liabilities, as well as analysis of cash flow projections, strengths and weaknesses, levels of risk, comparisons with industry and competitors’ performance levels, financial outlook, etc.


Litigation, Arbitration, Disputes

Services provided include independent opinion or conclusion of value, expert witness, adviser to one of the parties, independent expert appointed to determine value, and similar. These services are provided to assist clients with purchase-price disputes, shareholder dispute resolutions, division of assets in divorce proceedings, economic damages, breaches of contracts, etc.


Acquisitions, Mergers, Divestitures

We provide help with strategic planning and evaluation of feasibility of investments, mergers, joint ventures, buy and sell agreements, purchase-price allocations, increasing opportunities through strategic alliances and synergies, and similar.


Independent and objective valuations are provided for sales or acquisitions of a business or a business segment, to increase the value received by the parties.


Exit Strategies

Services include, but are not limited to, consultations in the following areas:

  • Succession Planning

  • Sale of all or a portion of equity interests – strategies for increasing the value of a company, short-term and long-term horizons

  • Valuation of non-compete covenants

  • Buy-Sell agreements – shareholder/partner buyouts, avoiding complications on exit of a partner (voluntary and involuntary circumstances)



Financial Reporting Requirements

In an acquisition of a business or a business segment, accounting regulations require (ASC 805) that the purchase price is allocated to all acquired assets and liabilities in a prescribed manner. Subsequent to the acquisition, periodic analyses are required (ASC 350) in order to test for any impairments of value. Auditors and CPA’s who perform regular services for the enterprise are prohibited from providing these services. Hanlin Moss Yi, PS team, as an independent party, will work with your CPA or auditor to provide these services.





Hanlin Moss Yi, PS provides a full spectrum of assurance services on financial reporting and performance of privately held small to mid-size businesses, including:

• audits
• reviews
• compilations
• agreed-upon procedures
• forensic accounting
• internal control reviews

Audited financial statements by an independent licensed CPA are often required and essential to lenders, investors, shareholders/owners, as well as for a variety of business and legal purposes.


Hanlin Moss Yi, PS professionals have the technical excellence to help you navigate the complex regulatory environment, and identify and mitigate risks in the current climate of increased scrutiny. Similarly, we will advise on potential opportunities that may be available in specific circumstances.


Our team of CFE’s (Certified Fraud Examiners) and CFD’s (Certified Fraud Deterrence) can assist with detection, investigation and fraud deterrence. We can also help with designing and testing internal control systems.


Hanlin Moss Yi, PS offers an effective and cost efficient assurance process.


Our office in China performs US GAAP and IFRS based financial audits, provides audit services for US reporting that comply with PCAOB requirements, drafts of financial statements in in accordance with US GAAP and IFRS, and similar.




Accounting Services

Hanlin Moss Yi, PS offers accounting solutions that will help build value in your business.


Accurate and timely financial statements are an essential component for purposes of making management decisions, seeking financing, meeting regulatory requirements, planning, and similar. We provide comprehensive accounting services including:

• Financial Statements Preparation
• Budgets, Forecasting and Projections
• Debt Restructuring
• Raising Capital
• Profit Enhancement Strategies
• Forensic Accounting
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Personal Financial Statements

In addition, we can assist with securing business loans and private equity investments, business plan development, evaluation of expansion strategies, risk analysis, financial due diligence, and a variety of business planning and consulting projects.

Our professionals at Hanlin Moss Yi China office offer a variety of accounting and consulting services for clients with operations or interests in Chinese marketplace.




Consulting Services

Hanlin Moss Yi, PS dedicated consulting team provides valuable business advice for small to mid-size privately held companies and investors.


Through comprehensive analysis of financial data, operations, industry trends, market opportunities, business and operational risks, and similar, we offer recommendations for:

• Judicial Accounting
• Anti-fraud Investigation and Prevention
• Expert Testimony and Legal Support
• Intellectual Property Services
• Intellectual Property Registration
• Intellectual Property Transactions
• Assist in Intellectual Property Dispute Settlement

“Managing by the numbers” – we can advise your managers how to utilize financial statements and internal company information to make better/best management decisions. These practical methodologies can help evaluate alternative courses of action for optimal results, while making the decision process significantly more efficient.


Our office in China provides business and cultural relationship consulting, including:

• Development of business strategy and growth models
• Assistance with outsourcing, product expansion and distribution networks
• Joint-ventures, acquisitions
• Part-time CFO services




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